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Dave's session was very transformational for me! He did some work with my around people-pleasing, took me through childhood scenarios and successfully brought me into my inner-child consciousness. I could seriously feel how it felt to be my younger self again! Dave offered so much warmth and support as he walked me through some painful memories and helped me to reprogram my subconscious. It's been three weeks, I've listened almost every day to the affirmative audio recording he included at the end of our session, and I feel a huge difference. I feel more confident in setting boundaries and making my well-being my priority. He's amazing! Definitely recommend!

- Jessee Powers

I received a hypnotherapy session today with Dave Scarbrough.  I came into the session not knowing exactly what to expect, and Dave helped me to identify several issues causing me to be depressed and lose my motivation.

Dave is very talented, professional and made me feel comfortable and safe. Over the years, I have been to several different counselors.  None of them were able to help me deal with issues with my controlling mother.  
My session with Dave helped me to reframe each of the issues I have and deal effectively with them.  Dave made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  I highly recommend booking a session with him! 

Dave, thank you for bringing light into the darkness.  Thank you again so much!  I look forward to continuing the therapy. 

-Nance Cox

I recently had a regression session with Dave Scarbrough, and it was truly a unique experience that I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in.  Dave takes his time to meet you and come to understand where you are in your life, where you are trying to go, and what’s in the way.  I believe this helped immensely during the regression as it allowed him to direct me towards reaching the goals we set for the session.  A true shift happened in my perspective and I couldn’t recommend him more.

-  Joe Rogers

I had a hypnotherapy session with Dave Scarbrough today regressing me to my childhood.  We revisited several experiences that had been a concern for me.  He created affirmations to assist me in anchoring the assistance and help to move me through certain matters   Dave is a compassionate man who is very gentle, knowledgeable and patient.

He is currently offering two different sessions for free to gain more experience towards his certification.  Contact him through FB to sign up.  He is located in the Morse Rd area in Columbus.

- Debbie Keri-Brown  

Dave, Thanks for a great hypnosis session!  I can’t wait to listen the recording.  Great affirmations, and dead on detail.  You asked so many great, probing questions.  It really got to the heart of my anxiety.  Now to put the affirmations to good use.  Thanks again.

- Raven Frye

I received a hypnotherapy session regressing me back to my childhood with Dave Scarbrough yesterday.  It was absolutely wonderful!!  Dave is very talented, professional and made me feel comfortable and safe.  I feel a lot lighter in spirit and for the first time in a long time, I have restored hope in a beautiful future.  I have done much inner work for the last few years but lately have been feeling stuck.  


My session with Dave helped me to breakthrough!  I highly recommend booking a session with him!  Dave, you are a beautiful light in this world full of love and kindness, thank you again so much.

- Rose Spencer

I had a Zoom session with Dave tonight to heal my inner child through hypnosis.   It was quite powerful and helped me release some painful false beliefs of myself.   I definitely recommend him.  He’s a great hypnotherapist.  Thank you Dave Scarbrough, I’ll definitely be reaching out for another session in the future.

- Rachel Warren

I experienced a hypnosis therapy session with Dave Scarbrough on childhood regression.  It’s hard to put in words, it was very impactful for me.  I felt like I was guided into a deep meditation like I have never experienced.   I felt very comfortable with Dave’s presence and skill.  Honestly, I am hesitant to say this but I have been struggling, and since this session, I have felt a substantial shift.  He left me with a recording to listen to every night to reframe who I am and who I want to be in the future.  I look forward to listening to it every night.  I have felt relief.  To be transparent it has been about 5 days since I’ve been doing this.  I highly recommend trying a session with Dave.

- Chad Warren

I had an early childhood regression session with Dave which was very helpful.  He was a good listener and accepted my interpretations of what these issues brought up in my life.  A good hypnotherapist to my mind is not too didactic.  I was able to unravel and reframe some things for myself as a result of our session.  It was very helpful to me.

- Jennifer Sieck

I highly recommend a hypnosis session with Dave.  I found the root to so many issues I have.  It was amazing!! If you are ready to move forward in life do a session!!

- Valerie Beck

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