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Dave is my Reiki Master Teacher. Along with teaching me Reiki, he had also given me Reiki. One time, I had a kidney stone that turned into a kidney infection. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t keep anything down, including my antibiotics. Dave took the time to drive an hour to see me and gave me Reiki, but we first set an intention: to calm down, to keep my meds down, to make the pain go away were some of the intentions. When Dave began giving me Reiki, I literally felt the energy encased around my kidney. Such warmth and peace. Since then, I have not felt anything like that again. After the session, I had very little to no pain & I was able to keep my meds down. Dave channels this energy very well. 

- Vanessa S.

I came across Dave's distance Reiki class, curious and skeptical of the many benefits and experiences of Reiki treatments. Dave delivered a program that was flexible and easy to comprehend. I quickly gained a thorough understanding of Reiki and was able to apply it effortlessly to my daily lifestyle. Going on to complete my 3rd class and final Reiki attunement from Dave with excitement. The Experience of the distant attunements are uplifting and indescribable. Dave's Reiki classes have changed many aspects of my life and I am continuing to help others through this wonderful gift. I absolutely encourage you to take his class, you wont regret it!

- Patricia W.

Dave is an amazing healer. I would highly recommend using his services. He is very sweet and kindhearted. He has completed his Reiki services on me numerous times. I always feel a hundred percent better after one of his healings.

-  Dawn P.

I've known Dave several years and in my experience not only is he a great teacher but he also lives what he teaches. There was one time I was in serious pain at a gathering and he performed Reiki on me and within 5 minutes the pain was gone and I was back to normal. I am always grateful for that. And the reason I am grateful is because that pain led me down a path that was new and exciting and I learned a lot from Dave through his teaching and his Reiki practice.

- Anjole S.  

Dave is very good at what he does. I have just completed an EFT session with him yesterday. Shortly after our session I was able to release some trapped emotions related to the session and I have already made some progress towards my goals. Dave is such an inspiration and he is very knowledgeable in emotional healing and various other types of healing. I will recommend Dave to anyone for EFT, other types of emotional support and more. He is also a great teacher and friend. Thank you so much, Dave, for everything you do! 

- Lynn M.

Dave is very calming and focused which allowed me to feel improvement in my body, mind and spirit. I would highly recommend Dave Scarbrough to work with in this area.

- Laura S.

Massive thanks to Dave for this amazing life coaching session.  Dave was really patient and helpful in talking about my current life circumstances and helping me find some solutions.  Dave was really helpful in organizing my thinking and helping me to focus on one thing, combining my different interests and strengths. Then, it was great to feel confident in what I want to bring into my life and the rest of the session was spent going deeper into the subconscious and affirming what I want to bring into my life.  Thank you so much, Dave!

- Anna K.

I had an amazing EFT session with Dave. My stress level decreased an incredible amount.  We worked on grief from the loss of two daughters. It's the first time in a year that I have truly found some peace. Dave's spiritual beliefs are definitely an asset. And he's a great reiki instructor as well.  My sincere gratitude, Dave!

- Delores H.

Dave is an incredibly powerful healer. His reiki sessions are wonderful, and he is capable of doing a reiki healing on an entire room full of people. He has a very calm and reassuring demeanor. Dave is a reiki master, so can also give you reiki training. I highly recommend him.

- Kevin W.

I experienced a session with Dave Scarbrough.  It was very impactful for me.  I felt like ti was guided into a deep meditation life I have never experienced.  I felt very comfortable with Dave's presence and skill. I have been struggling and since this session I have felt a substantial shift.  He left me with a recording to listen to every night to reframe who I am and who I want to be in the future.  I look forward to listening to it every night.  I have felt relief and it has only been 5 days I've been doing this.  I highly recommend trying a session with Dave

- Chad W.

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