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Hi I'm Dave Scarbrough

The 1995-1997 Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) indicated that childhood trauma is prevalent in our culture and that this trauma so many have experienced in childhood tends to follow them through the rest of their lives by causing many detrimental effects which are not easily dealt with, typically ending with early health problems and premature death. 

In other words, we live in a very stressful culture, and it takes a huge toll on people. 

It was found that there are numerous self-help modalities that one can easily learn and can be very useful to help them deal with this stress, which is so prevalent in our culture. Meditation, yoga, gardening, walking, biking, and going to parks are just a few self-help techniques people can use to help them deal with stress. Here are a few more that have worked very well for me and my clients. As a life coach and holistic practitioner, it is part of my practice to easily teach you how to use these techniques yourself.



Meditation training

Meditation has been a part of Asian culture for many centuries and has been gaining in popularity here in the Western world in more recent times. 

Numerous studies have proven that a regular meditation program can teach people to deal with stress more easily and can even help them gain insights into their situation, which can help them create the life of their dreams. We know that the subconscious mind can either work for us or work against us, and meditation is one of those techniques which can help us change our lives by changing our thinking.  I can help you find a meditation technique which works best for you and teach you how to meditate in just a few sessions. You’ll be surprised what meditation can do for you.


Investment: $60 per hour.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process for inducing a relaxed state of mind and a space for communication between the conscious and unconscious minds. It is nothing more than a deeply relaxed state of mind, often referred to as an alpha brain wave. Some would even claim that hypnosis is not a therapy in itself, but a process of coming in and out of trance-like states.

We all come in and out of hypnosis multiple times a day. One example is driving a car on a familiar road - we are not really conscious of where we are going; essentially, we are driving on autopilot.

I can never make you do something against your will.

Hypnosis was popularized by Franz Mesmer, a German physician who first used the technique in the late 1800’s. In modern times, hypnosis is a complementary therapy to counselling and medicine. Hypnosis can also be used for clients who have self-esteem issues or stress management issues. How does hypnosis work?   Hypnosis can help people replace the negative thinking patterns in their minds with more positive thinking patterns. Once the thinking pattern has become more positive, then people can set goals and be confident that it is likely that they can achieve those goals. Hypnosis can also be used for pain management, addiction recovery or many other problems people may have. Through a hypnosis session, I can help you find solutions to your problems. 


Hypnosis session price: $60 per hour.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a type of counseling intervention that stimulates acupressure points by tapping these points while focusing on situations that represent personal fear or trauma. It has been demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed studies that EFT releases any negative thinking, fears, or emotions caused by past traumatic events and enables us to replace those negative thoughts and fears with positive ones. Through an EFT session and a demonstration on how you can perform EFT on yourself, I can show you how to find the solution to negative memories or thoughts which are making you feel stuck.


EFT session price: $60 per hour.


Life Coaching 


Once negative thinking has been replaced by a more positive mindset through any of the interventions shown above, then it is possible to set realistic goals and find ways to make those goals a reality. Life Coaching is a way to help clients determine what goals they would like to reach by a certain date and determine action steps which will enable those goals to come to pass in a step-by-step fashion.  Through life coaching, I can help you determine what goals you would like to achieve and find the action steps which make those goals much more manageable and more easily achievable.


Life coaching session price: $60 per hour.

Learn Reiki for Your Practice


I've taught reiki classes both in person and online now for almost 20 years.

About 20 years ago I was working at the local university financial aid office. I was a member of a committee where we were discussing how to make financial aid information more accessible and more interesting to students. Putting the information in the form of an online class was one thing we were working on. I was also getting deeply interested in spirituality and holistic healing at that time also. Reiki was one of the holistic modalities I was studying. I noticed during my very first reiki session that I experienced a great deal of heat from the reiki practitioner's hands. It was so unusual that I knew I wanted to become a reiki practitioner. At that time I couldn't find a reiki master teacher that lived near me so I found one that was teaching an online reiki class.

I recalled what I had learned from the committee at work regarding putting instructional materials into a online class for students and noticed my online reiki teacher was using those same instructional techniques in the online reiki class. I knew I could create the same type of online class and so I did. Online classes were popular at the time and it sold quite well. Eventually my online reiki classes were picked up by an online distance education site called Universal Class where they continue to do well. Eventually I located a reiki master teacher who lived near me who was offering reiki classes in all three levels so I took all three levels with him. His name was Michael Frazier. He passed away several years ago. Michael had a very eclectic healing method where he would mix reiki with several other holistic healing modalities and that was a learning experience for me. In addition to learning reiki, I was also learning many other healing modalities. I was learning these can be mixed with reiki to enhance it. After becoming a reiki master and getting both in-person and online students and then learning many other healing modalities, eventually, the original Japanese techniques as taught by Mikao Usui became available. I became proficient in those also. My reiki classes are a combination of various healing modalities combined with Westernized reiki and the original Usui techniques which is very powerful.

Reiki classes

Besides reiki sessions, I offer reiki classes.


See reiki training packages here.

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